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Posted by Sari Colt on March 19, 2021.

A Night Out by Isaiah Haber – a collaborative Charity Photobook Supporting Frontline Workers Who Work Hard to protect Us During COVID / 多倫多攝影師Isaiah Haber推出慈善寫真書,將利潤捐出支持疫情間守護我們的醫護前線工作人員

Toronto fashion photographer Isaiah Haber is launching his exciting new charity photobook, “A Night Out,” on March 30, 2021, in Toronto. “A Night Out” is a collaboration of Isaiah Haber and Friends, which include photographers: Dean Ostetto, Vito Amati, Maria Mikhailova, Carl Carter Greene, Denis Lipman, Gabriel Disante, Dmitri Bondareko, Partick Deala, HMUAs (Hair & Makeup Artists): Yusra Sultan, Taylor Switzer, Nishi Batth, Taylor Barker, Anita Hsu, and Stylists: Natalia Ledevena, Sonia Ajit Prasad, Rachi Bindra, Pakeesa Hashemi, Feven Tsegaye, Ankita Bawiskar, Artemis Muse along with over forty models, who have all donated their time.

The photoshoots were staged at ten of Toronto‘s finest hotels. These hotels include: The Hazelton, The Omni King Edward, The Westlake, The Bisha, The Ritz- Carlton, The Westin Harbour Castle, The Windsor Arms, where Haber first met his publicist Danielle Iverson of that PR thing (, The Drake, and Hotel X.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to TGWHF (Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation) to support Canada‘s overwhelmed frontline medical workers.

Haber explains how the project got started. “I, just like everybody else, for six to seven months was stuck at home, looking for a way to create a positive out of a negative situation and to help the front line workers that were working so hard for us to get our lives back to normal. The idea occurred to me that we could really use a “night out,” especially the frontline workers… that sort of snowballed into realizing, just like myself, so many other businesses and creators were unable to find opportunities to promote their work.”


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